A Lazy Weekend in London

Back in January, my best friend came to stay for the weekend. We’ve known each other since studying history at university and one of my first thoughts when she announced she was coming to visit was “Yes! I’ll go to Tesco and bulk buy Pringles and bottles of WKD!”*

But what the weekend actually showed me was how much we’ve grown up in the last five years. Yes, there was some wine consumed, but we spent our time together immersing ourselves in some of the culture London has to offer. We also went to Flat Iron and I’m not remotely ashamed.

Saturday was spent shopping in preparation of my upcoming visit to New York (the New York posts will be up soon) and rather than attempting a second consecutive day in the vicinity of Oxford Street, we decided to visit the Charles Dickens Museum in Bloomsbury and Tate Britain. I also want to point out that, even though we both have discount cards for such museums – Katie has a card that she got with her MA and I have my trusty Art Pass – it’s worth going to check them out if you’re in London. Especially the Tate, it has some beautiful pieces in and is often overlooked because of Tate Modern (but that is good too).

Rather than bore you all with some step by step account of our day, I thought some photos would be more appealing. Just to note, that there was an exhibition at the Charles Dickens Museum of some costumes and artifacts from the TV show Dickensian. If you’ve seen the TV series or not (I hadn’t), it’s interesting.

Thanks for checking out the Bookshelf!



*This was basically what I lived on throughout my time at university, which says a lot more about me than I’d like.


The Charles Dickens Museum, 48-49 Doughty St, Bloomsbury, WC1N 2LX





Tate Britain, Milibank, SW1P 4RG




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